Fake Steve Jobs har blivit intervjuad av DJ Varma om sin syn på Indien. Bland annat får vi veta lite om vad Jobs som ung sanningssökare tog med sig för lärdomar från sitt fotvandrande i Indien. Här får vi svaret på varför Apples produkter dyrkas med nästintill religiösa övertoner.

”I realized something huge about human nature. I realized how much we crave religious meaning in our lives, and how we’ll go to great lengths to achieve enlightenment. What I’ve done since then is find a way to imbue consumer electronics with religious significance. People will pay more for items if they believe those items make them special. Today, you no longer have to travel to India and meditate for years to achieve enlightenment; all you have to do to achieve enlightenment is walk into an Apple retail store with a credit card and buy an iPhone.”