Jefferson Graham har fått en liten frågestund med Apples Steve Jobs och AT&T:s Randall Stephenson inför dagens premiär för iPhone. Många intressanta svar ges här kring den massiva satsningen. Steve Jobs har följande att säga om varför uppståndelsen blivit så stor kring iPhone:

”Mobile devices are really important to people. It’s not like this is an obscure product category that affects just a small part of the population. People have seen in the demos and our ads something they instantly know they can figure out to use. ”

Svaret på frågan om stöd för företagsmejl (Exchange), ger en antydan om en snar lösning från ett känt företag (gissa vilket).

”You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks. We have some pilots going with companies with names you’ll recognize. This won’t be a big issue.”

Apple har jobbat länge med iPhone.

”We started with the iPhone three years ago. We’re product folks — we wanted to create a phone we loved. When we started this, none of us loved our phones. Yet, if you talk to iPod owners, or Mac owners, they love their iPods and Macs. We wanted to make a phone so great, you couldn’t imagine going anywhere without it. That was our goal, and we think we achieved it. That’s why we have such butterflies in our stomach. We’ll get to see Friday if people agree with us.”

Det verkar inte som att Apple kommer att anamma den marknadsförinsgsstrategi man använt sig av med iPhone framöver. Räkna alltså med fortsatta överraskningslanseringar istället.

”We did this, because you have to get certified by the FCC, and things become public. We thought it was better to announce it than to let others do it. This is part of a network, and hundreds of people needed to test it. It wasn’t realistic to keep it a secret for so long. We had no choice but to do it the way we did it, and I’m glad we did it this way. It worked well, but most of the time, we will do what we normally do.”