Trots att Hugh Laurie är en riktig favorit, har jag av någon anledning inte börjat se hyllade serien House. Macenstein rapporterar att House nu kryllar av Appleprylar. Kanske inte helt oväntat med tanke på att kompisen Stephen Fry är en riktig Macskalle.

”A buddy of mine recently got me hooked on House, so naturally I’ve been going through it season by season. Having now reached season 4 and its 2 in the morning, I have come to this assumption, the House crew are huge Apple guys. In a previous episode I saw an iPhone, but in the last 2 minutes of this episode there has been an oldschool iBook (which house sucks at hacking, i was screaming at the screen to restart with apple+s) and what looked like a Powerbook g4 or maybe a macbook pro.”