iPhone 4

Kamerafunktionen i iPhone är fantastisk det lilla formatet till trots, men det som främst avgör om de bilder du tar blir bra är din egen förmåga att tänka till när du fotograferar. Sandro Cuccia har sammanställt 50 tips (1-26 och 27-50) för att ta bättre bilder med iPhone. Mitt allra viktigaste tips är att hålla linsen ren. Fingerfettsmetiga bilder är bland det värsta jag vet.

Här är några favoriter bland de 50 tipsen:

6. Unless you are shooting action and sports, pause a bit before shooting. Evaluate the scene on your iPhone screen. Ask yourself, “Is this the best angle? Is this the best light? Should I compose differently?”

22. Learn to use iCloud and Photo Stream. It all just works.

31. Keep your iPhone camera lens clean. Look, we know that our wonderful devices smudge-up easily. If you have grease and other dirt on the lens, your images will lack sharpness. I carry a small micro-fiber cloth to keep not just the lens, but the whole device clean.

44. Give yourself photo assignments. These are meant to help you stay focused and maintain your level of interest. You learn from what you do and how you do it. Keep working at your iPhone photography beyond mundane shots of the kids, the pets, and your dinner plate. Giving yourself small, but clear-cut assignments is a great way to practice using the “photographer’s eye” that you are developing.