Jony Ive och Craig Federighi

I samband med premiären för iOS 7, iPhone 5C och iPhone 5S ställde Tim Cook, Jony Ive och Craig Federighi upp för några exklusiva intervjuer med bland annat Businessweek. Tidigare har valda delar av dessa intervjuer använts i artiklar men ny finns hela intervjun med Jony Ive och Craig Federighi att läsa. Mycket intressant för alla Applologer.

”I think both Jony and I knew early on we wanted to do something big. We were both new to taking that task on together. And so, for the two of us together to figure out how we were going to accomplish this big thing was a new engagement for us, as well as bringing together some of the different disciplines that had been previously not working as close together.”