Som rymdnörd och scifinörd känns det riktigt spännande att snart äntligen få leva i framtiden. Många av de tekniska framtidsvisioner som började målas upp redan på 1960–talet genom sådant som Star Trek och 2001: A Space Odyssey har steg för steg blivit verklighet.

YouTube – 2001 A Space Odyssey – Part 6/13

Ett framtidslöfte som snart infrias sker i form av Apples iPad. Det där med resandet i rymden har däremot gått i stå, nu verkar det inte bli någon månlandning eller marslandning under överskådlig tid.

Personliga kommunikatorer från Star Trek fick vi förverkligat i form av mobiltelefoner som genom iPhone utvecklats till någon sorts universaltricorder bortom visionen i Star Trek. Jag såg nyss ett avsnitt av Star Trek Voyager från 1996 på TV4 Science Fiction där en PADD direkt gav igenkänning. Vad håller Kapten Janeway i sina händer om inte en iPad?

En vecka efter Steve Jobs presentation av iPad kan det vara läge att summera lite. Jag tipsar här om några av de mest läsvärda och tänkvärda artiklar som skrivits om iPad:

”What you’re seeing in the industry’s reaction to the iPad is nothing less than future shock.”

Fraser Speirs – Blog – Future Shock

”An anecdote: When the iMac came out, Apple drew a line in the sand. They said: we are no longer going to ship a computer with a floppy disk drive. The entire industry shit its pants so loudly and forcefully that you probably could have heard it from outer space.” – I need to talk to you about computers. I’ve been…

”Nothing about the iPad is obviously revolutionary, but it didn’t need to be: the iPhone OS and iPhone hardware are already revolutionary.” – Loosely organized initial thoughts on the iPad

”A car with an automatic transmission still shifts gears; the driver just doesn’t need to know about it. A computer running iPhone OS still has a hierarchical file system; the user just never sees it.”

Daring Fireball: Various and Assorted Thoughts and Observations Regarding the Just-Announced iPad

”It’s going to be an exciting journey with the iPad. We’re on the edge of a new frontier. I can feel potential of the iPad bursting all about, just like I sensed that the original Mac was the beginning of the end for my Apple IIs.”

iPad: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again | Editorial | The Mac Observer

”Despite Apple showing us just what was capable with iWork, most pundits are still focused on the fact that the iPad can run iPhone applications. They are thus distracted by the idea of scaling phone applications up to a larger device.”

Are Most Looking at the iPad With the Wrong Perspective?

”I’ve watched firsthand as people who’ve struggled to do basic computer tasks as long as I’ve known them pick up an iPhone and be cruising around within hours, if not minutes. For people who do not already thoroughly understand computers, New World devices are easier to understand and easier to use.” – A friend (who I know only meant this in…

”Don’t get me wrong: the iPad may have some limitations. But thanks to the fact that I’ve been using an iPhone for two and a half years, I’m pretty confident Apple’s tablet is going to significantly change my family’s day-to-day tech activities.”

Imagining the iPad: it’s easy if you try | Tablets | iPhone Central | Macworld

”But something strange happened last week when I sat down at my MacBook after watching Steve Jobs unveil the iPad. I looked at all those little inscrutable icons in my menubar and saw them for what they were: hacks and shortcuts to “fix” the way the computer worked. Surely there must be a better way.”

The iPad isn’t a third device, but a third revolution | Tablets | iPhone Central | Macworld

”With their virtual keyboards that are easily customizable, and no need for mice, these beautiful, thin displays will be joyfully carried around by Apple customers as if they’re really living in that Martian colony.”

Apple’s Science Fiction Dream | Hidden Dimensions | The Mac Observer