Nu börjar tester av iPhone 3G S och iPhone OS 3.0 (som nu är släppt) att trilla in. De tunga gubbsen Walt Mossberg och David Pogue samt Engadget har publicerat sina läsvärda erfarenheter och omdömen.

”Applications opened much more quickly. Web pages loaded far faster. The camera was ready to use almost instantly. And I never once saw the occasional, annoying iPhone behavior where you strike a key while typing and it sits there, seemingly stuck, before you can continue.”
– Walt Mossberg

”You can still buy last year’s model, the iPhone 3G, for $100. But do find a way to afford the new one. It looks identical to last year’s iPhone, but its faster circuitry makes a huge difference. (The S stands for speed, says Apple.) If you’re used to the old iPhone, the speed boost hits you between the eyes, especially when you’re opening programs, playing games and loading Web pages.”
– David Pogue