John Gruber med maka var snabbt ute och köpte varsin iPhone. Gruber har sedan sin vana trogen gått igenom både för och nackdelar med den högaktuella och åtråvärda tingesten.

”Real-time dragging is such a priority that if the iPhone can’t keep up and render what you’re dragging in real-time, it won’t even try, and you get a checkerboard pattern reminiscent of a transparent Photoshop layer until it catches up (typically, an instant later). I.e. iPhone prioritizes drag animation over the rendering of the contents; feel over appearance.”

”The iPhone Mail app has crashed for me twice so far. Interestingly, I only noticed once; I sent a message and I was instantly taken back to the Home screen. The next time I synched with iTunes, I was presented with a dialog box asking for my permission to send crash logs from the iPhone back to Apple.”

En mycket bra genomgång som tar upp en hel del som tidigare inte uppmärksammats.