John Gruber har lagt upp en mycket intressant intervju med säkerhetsexperten Dino Dai Zovi. Vid CanSecWests hackarutmaning nyligen, lyckades Zovi kompromettera säkerheten hos en MacBook Pro och kammade därigenom hem ett pris på 10 000 USD

Gruber: Are there any precautions you think typical Mac users should take that they aren’t now?

Dai Zovi: I would recommend they make their primary user account a non-admin user, I think that is a reasonable compromise between usability and security. I would also recommend that more security-conscious users create a separate keychain with a 5 minute timeout for important passwords. Even if the user is using FileVault, a separate encrypted disk image for sensitive financial or personal documents is another simple and prudent measure to protect your personal information.