Efter gårdagens presskonferens om iPhone 4 och dess antennproblem så fick en liten skara journalister en exklusiv visning av Apples testlabb för trådlösa produkter. Jason Snell som tillsammans med John Gruber var en av de utvalda elva skriver om guidningen genom Apples topphemliga labb i en läsvärd artikel.

”Despite being a guy who obviously spends most of his time behind closed doors working on fiendishly complex radio engineering problems, Caballero proved to be an excellent tour guide, answering reporters’ questions with enthusiasm. As he welcomed us into his lair, Caballero pointed out that many of the workbenches around us were draped with black fabric. “This is what we call a black lab,” he said, meaning that they’re testing secret stuff. “We have to cover all the benches when anyone comes in, even people from within Apple.””